Delivering the Memoranda to the Leaders of the Two Communities

On 14 January 2016 a ceremony was held by the All-Cyprus Trade Unions Forum. The ceremony aimed to deliver several memoranda to the leaders of the Greek-Cypriot and the Turkish-Cypriot community, Nikos Anastasiades and Mustafa Akıncı resperctively.The memoranda concerned seven Thematic Conferences, that were organised by... 

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Press Conference on the Completion of the Thematic Conferences

On 9th of November 2015, a press conference was held by the project's team in order for the Social Actors Network to signal the completion of the Thematic Conferences In the conference, the team welcomed the completion of the Thematic Conferences, within the framework of which it was made possible through a democratic and structured dialogue to elaborate and adopt seven.... 

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Meeting of the Social Actors Network on the Completion of the Thematic Conferences

On 26th of October 2015, a meeting of the project's team along with the leadership of the "All Cyprus Trade Unions Forum (ACTUF)" took place in Nicosia. In the meeting, the trade unions of Cyprus, SEK, PEO, PASYDY, ETYK, POED, OLTEK, ESK, TÜRK-SEN, DEV-IŞ, KTAMS, KTÖS, KTOEÖS, KOOP-SEN, BES, BASIN-SEN welcomed the completion... 

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Social Actors Network

Social actors are of strategic importance for the solution of the Cyprus problem, not only because their support to the process may generate wide acceptance and active participation for the implementation of a negotiated solution. Social actors may deliver with their expertise useful feedback that could in certain areas assist the elaboration of essential provisions of the solution that are indispensable for the economic and social cohesion of the common future state and thus indispensable for the viability of the negotiated solution.

To achieve the aim of a structured dialogue between social actors, the partners proceeded to the formation of the Social Actors Network. In this context, the project team has concluded an agreement with the All Cyprus Trade Unions Forum (ACTUF) was the core of this network. ACTUF consists of 18 Trade Unions (SEK, PEO, PASYDY, ETYK, POED, OELMEK, DEOK, POAS, OLTEK, ESK, TURK-SEN, DEV-IS, KTAMS, KTOS, KOOP-SEN, BES, KTOEOS, BASIN-SEN) from both communities and representing all ideological tendencies in the Labour Movement of Cyprus. Participation in the network is also mobilised from other fields of economic and social sphere life in Cyprus.

Members of the network were asked on the basis of their size to mandate 1-2 delegates to represent them in the Social Actors Network. Organisations were also asked to vest their delegates with the authority to negotiated and endorsed documents such as memoranda to be elaborated within the framework of this project. Decisions of the Social Actors Network should was on the basis of unanimity. The Social Actors Network was not deal with the “hot issues” of the Cyprus problem and no political requirements raised as regards the various organisations’ stands on these issues. The only political requirement was the adherence of organisations to a peaceful and negotiated solution of the Cyprus problem on the basis of a bizonal, bi-communal federation with political equality as it is embedded in the relevant resolutions of the United Nations.

The All Cyprus Trade Unions Forum (ACTUF) in dialogue with the society for the future of our country
The ACTUF agreed that the core of the Social Organizations Network. The Thematic Conferences held under the title “The All Cyprus Trade Unions Forum in dialogue with the society for the future of our country”. The implementation of the organization of thematic conferences completed successfully.

The project team has submitted to ACTUF a proposition for the convention of seven thematic conferences aiming at covering in a structured manner the scope of economic and social cohesion within a federal state structure. The programme of the thematic conferences was as follows:


                           Thematic Focus Time
  • Freedom of Association
  • Right to Collective Bargaining
  • Social Security
  • Social Protection (social policy)
  • Protection of workers
  • Employment policies
  • Gender Equality Combating discrimination (on the ground of religion, colour, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation and age)
  • Access to Healthcare and Education
  • Wages setting (minimum wage regime, COLA etc.) Protection of wages, etc.
7          Health and Safety at work 18/09/2015
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